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Purchasing a new home is an extremely exciting time. Your mind runs away with the possibilities of what your new home will look like, and you naturally develop an intricate list of requirements and qualities that you are searching for.

Whilst doing so, it is easy to forget that you must consider what type of dream home you can actually afford.

We all want to get the most for our money – especially when it comes to such a large scale purchase. Finding your perfect home, whilst ensuring that you are purchasing it at its best price, is a tricky balancing act.

Here at Fisher Wrathall, we understand that one of the biggest questions you are going to ask yourself is when is the right time to purchase your new home. Is there a big secret to the art of finding the house of your dreams, at its lowest possible price?

Although there is no concrete answer, we have compiled a collection of hints and statistics that can help you make your decision when finally deciding to take make the big move.

Seasonal Suggestions

When beginning the search for a new home, we tend to look for statistics in the news which can give us the magic answer to this age-old question.

For sellers, many publications swear by the conventional wisdom that spring is the best time to put your home on the market. With the change in weather, buyers benefit from an uplift in motivation. In addition to this, the bright, fresh new weather will also ensure that the exterior of the new home is at its greatest selling potential.

But does this necessarily mean that buyers are going to get the best deal? Some think not, as the warmer weather allows sellers to aim for a higher price than at any other time of year.

This automatically allows the buyer to assume that Winter is going to be the best time to find a bargain. Although figures show that statistically on average more houses are sold in the summer, with fewer houses on sale during the winter, there is less competition which could potentially drive the price up, saving you valuable cash whilst procuring the home of your dreams.

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Affecting Factors

  • Personal circumstances

Circumstances within your personal life can massively affect whether the time is right for you to begin the search for a new home. Your children may be starting back at school, or you may be expecting the relatives for a short break – these factors are important to consider before you start the process, as you may find yourself prioritising other tasks over one which realistically, you should be devoting most of your efforts too.

  • Finance

With finances, assuring that all of your ducks are in a row, or that all of your finances are in order, is a hugely important consideration.

You may be waiting for a promotion at work, or you may be aware of an upcoming influx of cash. Alternatively, you may be aware that a substantial upcoming payment is looming – waiting for the best time to suit your lifestyle can minimise any potential last-minute stresses when it comes to managing your money.

For all things finance, we recommend Burton & Fisher for any essential advice that you may require. Their friendly team are more than happy to assist during what can be a confusing, and time-consuming time.

Buying a Home - Finances

  • Moving Timetable

Strategising the moving process can be a helpful task. Knowing when you need to be in your new home, how quickly you can sell your existing house, and when is going to be most convenient for you to move can create a much smoother transition period.

So why delay? If the time is right for you, you can begin your journey to finding your new beautiful home, today!

For more information, Contact us – our expert team can assist in finding the house of your dreams.