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Renting your home can sometimes be the better option for many families, couples and singles. While you may think that buying a property is a big decision, renting is just as sizeable, as your living situations will affect every aspect of your life. It is clear that renting is more popular than ever, with the English Housing Survey finding that the rented sector has doubled in size since 2004.

So, you’ve had a viewing of a property and have made the decision to rent it. Before you jump in head first, packing up boxes and moving your belongings, you should stop to consider some things and certainly read between the lines. Doing your homework and finding the right letting agency can surely help, but before you sign that lease make sure you at least ask about the following things.

  1. Lease Terms

As a renter, you should be fully aware of the details of your lease.

The first question you should ask before renting any property is to see the tenancy agreements and be 110% sure about them. If you don’t understand some, don’t hesitate to ask your local letting agent for advice.

  1. What’s Included in the Rent?

Make sure to set clear boundaries and understand what is included in your monthly rent. Some amenities will be included, while others won’t be. Be sure to ask the letting agent or landlord before signing the lease agreement.

  1. Alterations and Renovations

Some landlords don’t allow their tenants to make any changes; this can be something as simple as putting nails in walls to something bigger such as wallpapering entire rooms.

If you are thinking of altering anything, make sure you get permission first and assure the landlord you will patch up any changes.

before buying a house

  1. Maintenance and Repairs

Make sure you ask the landlord if you must pay any extra maintenance costs and if so, what. Also find out what happens in situations of repairs or civil works etc.

A broken electricity meter or a dysfunctional switch? Who would bear the costs for these? The landlord or yourself?

  1. Safety, Security and Insurance

Consider asking what safety measures cover the property. This is more of a concern for a gated environment or a block of flats. If this is the case, also clarify the guest policy as some properties can host restrictions.

If you are concerned about property security, make sure to query this, and even look further into the neighbourhood safety quotient. Your letting agent, however, should know the ins and outs of the surrounding area of the property. Insurance is also a topic to go over.

  1. Facilities and Social Infrastructures

Can you just nip to the local newsagents? Is the local library nearby? Be sure that your essential commodities are near you if this of importance to you. Be clear on what you want and what the price reflects for the area. Consider other factors such as parking and community ‘togetherness’ in the area.

  1. Financial Situation

Before signing anything, you should know that you can afford the property. If you aren’t overly confident, try and find a letting agent which has a financial advice connection. Fisher Wrathall have a strong relationship with Burton & Fisher, who we refer our clients to for advice. Renting a property shouldn’t be financially stressful, and Fisher Wrathall will do their best to make it as smooth as possible!

Finding the perfect letting agent can take much of the hard work, stress and investigation out of the process. Fisher Wrathall are one of the leading lettings agents in the area and can deal with every aspect of finding you the perfect residential letting and will be sure to be thorough with every part of the leasing process.

Our flats, apartments and houses for rent in Lancaster and surrounding areas range from cosy one-bed flats to grand detached country residences, meaning we have the resources and expertise to find you the ideal abode.

To take the worry out of renting your dream home, we will be happy to discuss your requirements.