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With winter around the corner, buying a house isn’t on everybody’s mind. Instead, we’re more likely to be thinking about who to buy presents for and which one is responsible for Christmas dinner. However, the housing market never stops and there’s always a sale to be made.

Our blog this month at Fisher Wrathall looks into 5 key tips for selling your home, making it easier as the cold weather rolls in.

1.      Less Is More

Once your house is on the market it can be exciting. After that it’s just a waiting game of when somebody comes to view. Although, when they walk through the door you need to have them hooked. Whether you’re selling a small terraced house or a 10-bed mansion, first impressions count.

Using the less is more approach is a good rule to go by. When viewing a house, a buyer only has a small amount of time to take everything in. Make it easy to navigate through the house and simple for them to take in what there is to offer.

Clutter can also be a nightmare. If you have a busy lifestyle or kids, it’s easier said than done to keep everything tidy and hidden away. But a property that is simple makes all the difference. It also makes the rooms look larger and more spacious, exactly what you want for smaller properties. It can be worth moving things into storage or adding in some new solutions.

2.      Set Out The Interior

A huge thing that can help with selling is to set out your interior clearly. This is essentially making it obvious what a room is for. We’ve all got spaces in our homes that sit there as spare storage or are 5 rooms in one!

If this sounds like your property, then try and set each room according to a purpose. For example, if you have a second reception room, it could be good to put this as a dining room. Spare bedrooms can also be set out as offices, playrooms or walk-in wardrobes.

3.      Don’t Forget The Outside

It may seem like an obvious thing, but you should never forget about the outside of your property. This is the very first thing that is spotted by a buyer and you need to make a good impression from the start. If you have overgrowing plants and a damaged path, then it may impact how a person views the rest of the property.

Most buyers make a decision in seconds. With this in mind, try to make sure that your gardens and driveways are clean, clear and simple. Anything that looks like too much work could put a person off and this is a message that overgrowing plants puts across.

4.      Fresh and Neutral Decoration

Whatever colour you can think of, we’ve seen it as estate agents! Sometimes unique styles work for a property and attract the right buyer. However, in most cases bright and unique colours may make it difficult to sell. It’s hard for somebody to imagine a home as their own when all they see is red, blue and green!

A lot of sellers who have struggled on the market turn to neutral décor. Of course you’ll still be living in the property, so you shouldn’t have to compromise too much. Although, if you want to sell fast then it’s definitely worth doing. Neutral colours make it easy for somebody to imagine themselves relaxing in the living room.

5.      Fix Any Problems

From broken fence panels to cupboard doors that have dropped off in the kitchen – fix it! Any issues that are obvious can be pulled out by buyers and either push them away or keep offers low. It’s much easier to resolve an issue than to leave it to fester. You could be saving yourself time and money, especially if it is easy to fix.

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