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Are you living in, or about to move into a residential block of properties? If so, you might be interested in the reliable block management services from Fisher Wrathall.

You might be unhappy with the services that your current management is providing. Fisher Wrathall are here to help, and with many years’ experience we can potentially alleviate common stresses and discrepancies that can sometimes arise with the insufficient management of your residential block.

Regardless of whether the block is a block of flats or a collection of houses…we cover it all.

Living in a Residential Property

Residential blocks are almost always made up of leasehold properties. Each property leaseholder (the owner) has a responsibility for shared or common parts of the site and pays either a monthly or annual sum into a common fund to meet these shared responsibilities.

This can be for general maintenance or for greater costs but ensures that your block is in tip-top condition at all times.

The fund is managed by your residential block’s own Company Directors that have previously been elected from among the leaseholders at the A.G.M. Each leaseholder usually holds a single share, enabling the management to be a fair, consolidated activity.

However, not all residents are shareholders; you need to be an owner and a leaseholder to own a share.

Looking For Help in Lancaster?

Increasingly, residential blocks employ agencies to manage the day to day affairs. This is often because directors and residents find block management a sometimes complex issue, particularly difficult whilst attempting to keep on top of their own busy lives – it can very quickly become a strain. The answer is clear – use a block management agent like Fisher Wrathall to find the perfect solution.

Working with Fisher Wrathall does not mean losing all control of your property. Directors and residents keep control of all of the decision making, with Fisher Wrathall on hand to offer advice and support when it is appropriate.

We, as the managing agent, will assist with implementing your decisions, will cover all administrative duties and will provide guidance to safeguard building standards and value.

Manage your building efficiently with Fisher Wrathall

It is due to these fantastic services that many continue to turn to Fisher Wrathall, who are a popular, respected Estate Agent in Lancaster. Through years of experience, the Block Management team are able to provide a completely comprehensive service, tailor-made to suit your situation.

We are approachable and friendly and can set your mind at ease with our wealth of extensive knowledge and reliability.

Here is a sample of some of the excellent services that we can provide:

  • Collecting service charges from leaseholders and collecting any arrears
  • Maintaining day to day accounts and income & expenditure statements
  • Producing year end accounts, annual spending estimates and budgets
  • Preparing an annual budget for the approval of the Ltd Company at its AGM
  • Administering Directors meetings and the AGM
  • Managing & arranging suitable building and directors & officers insurance
  • Carrying out site visits on a regular basis
  • Sourcing and engaging contractors as required
  • Fire and Health & Safety assessments
  • Additional services tailored to meet your needs

For more information on all things block management, contact us today.